Experience the Majesty of a Falconry Experience Day

Discover the captivating history and ancient traditions during your falconry experience, an art that has enthralled enthusiasts worldwide for centuries.

Immerse yourself in a thrilling falconry  experience day where you can soar, metaphorically,  alongside our magnificent owls, falcons, hawks, buzzards, and eagles. Get up close and personal as you handle these awe-inspiring creatures, feed them, and witness their extraordinary capabilities.

A Bird on the Hand Falconry Experience is the perfect gift for your loved ones, guaranteed to provide an unforgettable adventure. With our exclusive money back guarantee, we promise an experience that will leave them captivated and amazed!

Buy a gift voucher now, valid for 12 months, and treat someone to the time of their life.

Why Buy a Bird on the Hand Falconry Experience?

  • Small groups of up to six participants (10-15 are not uncommon elsewhere).
  • #3 of 783 things to do in Leicestershire on TripAdvisor.
  • Beautiful locations in the Leicestershire and Bedfordshire countryside.
  • We concentrate on being with the birds, with you handling, flying, & feeding them whilst learning some fascinating facts.
  • Relaxed & informal sessions where we love to chat to you about the birds and encourage lots of questions.
  • Tea & Coffee break to refresh you.

Is it the right gift choice?

Who would like a falconry experience ? Any of the following are a good indicator.

  • They notice wild birds of prey.
  • They watch nature programs.
  • They like being outdoors.
  • They like animals.
  • They are a keen gardener. They love nature.
  • They have a thirst for knowledge
  • They are the adventurous type
  • They feed the garden birds.

And remember, if you get it wrong you can get a refund.

Check Out Our Unique Money Back Guarantee

At Bird on the Hand we want you to be happy with your purchase of a falconry experience and the recipient to have one of the best times of their life so here is our guarantee. 

1. If you made a mistake and a falconry experience day gift doesn't suit the recipient it can be returned within 30 days for a refund.
2. We give you a money back guarantee (Full Refund) the participant will enjoy themselves on the day.
3. Value for Money Guarantee. You don't think it has been value for money? Tell me why not and what you think it is worth and I will refund the difference.
3. If you need to change your booking at the last minute that's no problem, these things happen.
4. No small print (there are some terms) as I have found that the type of person I am dealing with is generally fair and sensible so there is no need for much.
5. If there is anything else, talk to me and we can probably sort it out. Life's too short to get worried about little things
What more can I say. Buy with confidence at Bird on the Hand

What do our customers say?

Dear Andrew, Duncan and Charlotte,
What a fantastic time you gave us yesterday! Thank you so much. Not only was it a delight seeing your amazing birds close up and in action, but it was also so interesting and informative. Clive and Ruth thoroughly enjoyed it, as did Nigel and I, but the icing on the cake was seeing Dad so relaxed and happy. He clearly had a marvellous time and we so appreciated the time and attention you devoted to him to maximise his afternoon’s falconry experience.

We have some superb photos and plan to choose the best and frame it for Dad’s 90th birthday present. I think this highlights how grateful we are for the time with you, and how much Dad benefitted.

Many thanks again, you all do a wonderful job, and your birds are truly awe inspiring.

Helen Reid


We booked a private session for my mother's 85th birthday and it was the most amazing experience. Andrew and Charlotte could not have been more attentive, they tailored the session to my parent's abilities and were so caring, thoughtful and attentive. They are also extremely knowledgeable explaining so much about the birds. A fabulous afternoon not to be forgotten.

Rachel Lines

Venues in Leicestershire and Bedfordshire

At Barn Owl Hollow, in south Leicestershire and close to the Northamptonshire border,  we have a peaceful, private location with a wonderful view of the Langton Caudle Hills.

Alders Farm in Bedfordshire, between Milton Keynes  and Leighton Buzzard, is a lovely location on the edge of Stockgrove Park alongside some beautiful lakes. We hold our fanttastic  Meet The Owls and Meet The Birds mixed bird of prey sessions here.

To see more details of our venues Click Here. This opens a new tab. There is also a link in the FAQ menu.


Owls at sundown - a great experience - Picture of Elvis Eurasian eagle owl (Bubo Bubo)

Owls At Sundown

We have a new experience for you to enjoy. Experience flying our owls as the light fades into dark at the end of the day. Starting a couple of hours before sunset you can meet a variety of owl species from small to large.

We will fly them to your glove in the late afternoon and you will see tham fly to you and get some great photos while it is daylight. As the sun sets you will experience the owls in their natural setting, floating silently through the dark and landing on your glove. If you are lucky, you might spot one of our local wild barn owls hunting over the meadow.

The Best Of British

Immerse yourself in a truly amzing experience at our Bird on the Hand, where magic of nature comes to you with the presence of Scarlett, our mesmerizing red kite and all our other British raptors.

Join us and tap into our 65 years of experience for the ultimate Best Of British adventure, a three-hour session packed with wonder and excitement.
From fascinating fun facts to current conservation efforts, we will provide you with a fun-filled and educational outing surrounded by the beauty of our British raptors.

Fly, handle, and feed these magnificent creatures in a truly unforgettable half-day experience that will leave you with memories to cherish.

Samantha Janus holding another superstar, Fletcher our fantastic tawny owl (Strix aluca) on a Bird on the Hand falconry experience. Images of our birds of prey.

Falconry Experience

This is our unforgettable Bird on the Hand Experience where you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of falconry. Join us for an interactive journey, where you will not only observe these majestic creatures up close, but also have the opportunity to handle and fly them.

These are packed half and whole day falconry experiences where you will get to feel the thrill and privilege of being trusted by our amazing birds as they swoop onto your glove. It is an unrivalled, up close to nature, adventure that is not to be missed.

During your adventure, you will have the chance to see, handle, feed, and fly several species of raptors, including falcons, hawks, buzzards and owls. This is a marvellous hands-on experience. It is ideal for individuals and groups of all ages, including children seven upwards. Enjoy this emotive back to nature, feel good, experience with our amazing birds of prey.

Rest assured, all of our birds of prey experience days are covered by our money back satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that you can gift this experience with complete confidence.

Our expert falconers will guide you through this hands-on adventure, teaching you about the natural behaviours, characteristics, and conservation efforts surrounding these magnificent birds. No previous experience is needed and we will provide all the necessary equipment. 

Whether you are a nature enthusiast, a thrill seeker, or simply curious about birds of prey, our Bird on the Hand half day or Falconry Adventure full day will leave you with a deeper appreciation for these incredible creatures.

Discover the overwhelming emotion of interacting with falcons, hawks, and owls, and let Bird on the Hand introduce you to the wonders of falconry.

Gift this remarkable experience today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

A woman in green jacket holding two harris hawks on her glove
TripAdvisor travellers choice 2022

Visitor Reviews

Our reviews say it all – #3 (of 787) in things to do in Leicestershire.
Over 400 excellent rated Tripadvisor reviews!

My husband had booked me the half day experience and it was absolutely AMAZING!!

Andrew is great!! He answered every question and his knowledge of his birds is phenomenal. You can clearly see he loves his birds and they love him!!
It was lovely to see the birds out flying free along with having the pleasure of holding them.

Andrew was amazing with our 7 year old, who wasn’t keen on the birds to start with, and he encouraged him to stroke the gorgeous Fletcher and Elvis. To which he now wants to participate next time. And there definitely will be a next time!!
Looking forward to another fab day out.

Thanks so much Andrew, was a memorable day for all of us 😀

Bird on the Hand falconry experiences are unique

    • Flexible Bookings
    • Last minute reschedule with no penalty
    • Money Back Guarantee
    • Fantastic friendly welcome
    • 2023 and still accepting vouchers delayed by COVID
    • Children welcome as participants or spectators
Darwin the Great Grey owl on woman's fist during an owl handling experience.

Owl Experience

An Owl on the Hand experience half day for all those owl lovers. From our native barn and tawny owls to larger eagle owls from around the world this an owl lovers dream.

Discover the awe-inspiring world of owl handling with Bird on the Hand where you will immerse yourself in our half-day owl handling experiences.

You will be told the mysterious, magical secrets and facts of these magnificent birds and you will feel the exhilaration and honour as they gracefully land on your glove, entrusting you with their presence.

This unparalleled adventure is a must for anyone seeking an authentic and breathtaking connection with nature. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to meet our owls from the smallest to the largest.

Harris hawk and children on a bird of prey experience.

Children's Falconry Experience

A birds of prey experience day to fly, handle, feed and get up close to our owls, falcons, hawks, buzzards and eagles. Chidlrens experiences are reccomended for 7 years and over.

Private group falconry experience at Bird on the Hand

Private & Group Events

Group events tailored to your requirements. From a special birthday treat for your partner or child to a company social or corporate event we can work with you to create that extra special event.

Man trying to photograph a barn owl nut it perched on a camera during a photography workshop

Photography Workshops

Enjoy a day photographing a large variety of stunning birds of prey at a location that is NOT open to the general public. You will get the chance to photograph the birds both perched and flying in lovely natural countryside.

Children being introduced to Elvis our Eurasian eagle owl during a school visit on birds of prey

Schools and Education

Give them some up close interaction and nurture with nature. We love to see kids here or in school and give them a real chance to engage with nature and the wild and open spaces.

Juliet the barn owl ring bearer has just delivered the rings.


Wow  your guests with a surprise appearance of a barn owl delivering your wedding rings or a selection of birds of prey after the ceremony for your guests to get to know and hold.

Corporate group falconry experience with a steppe eagle

Corporate events & Displays

Here at base or at your venue we can tailor a display, event or promotion to suit your needs. Give corporate guests a break with the birds or have a display at your event.