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We offer a number of options for your wedding, from a barn owl ring bearer to a traditional static display of birds of prey for your guests to meet and hold. Head to our dedicated wedding website for all the details.

The wedding highlight, Juliet the barn owl ring bearer successfully delivered the rings
The wedding highlight, Juliet the barn owl ring bearer

Your barn owl ring bearer delivery is guaranteed to impress and surprise your guests as a beautiful barn owl or another of our fantastic birds floats over your guests and lands gracefully on a beautiful white glove.  

Barn owl ring bearer in flight

What an amazing way to deliver the rings. An unforgettable addition to ynour wedding day!

Juliet our wonderful owl ring bearer arriving with the rings

Having amazed everyone by delivering the rings your barn owl ring bearer will be there after the ceremony. She will want to pose for those memorable moments and be captured in the wedding party photographs.

A little late but doesn’t feel 2 minutes ago for us… but just wanted to send a little note to say a BIG thank you!!

Having the birds at the wedding was AMAZING – a dream come true for me ❤

Literally EVERYONE has commented on how wonderful they were, such a great selection of birds and handled so well. The only thing, we are so sorry about is that you had to set up in the pouring rain! Although the birds seemed to enjoy it.


Thanks once again,
Emma and James

The good, and the bad and ugly.

It is very difficult to get videos as the guests don’t get any as they are unaware of what is happening. The falconer can’t do it as they are dealing with the owl. However, here are a couple we managed to get that illustrate how we do it and another that shows how not to do it.

A Smooth Delivery

Ophelia delivers the rings from the falconer hiding in the bushes well behind the guests to make the owl ring bearer delivery surprise. She has not had to be enticed by any meat.

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A Tidy Return

Ophelia has waited patiently while the rings were removed and some photos taken. She comes back to the falconer when called and she gets her reward when she retuns.

How Not To Do It.

The falconer has come down amongst the guests spoiling any surprise. The owl only has a short distance to fly(not very impressive). The owl is reluctant to go and has to be launched into take off, always risky, and the owl doesn’t sit still on the bridegroom’s fist. Our instruction video and your training visit with us makes sure you know what to do.

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