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Experience the Majesty of a Bird of Prey Experience Day

Discover the captivating history and ancient traditions of falconry, an art that has enthralled enthusiasts worldwide for centuries.

Immerse yourself in a thrilling bird of prey experience day where you can soar, metaphorically,  alongside our magnificent owls, falcons, hawks, buzzards, and eagles. Get up close and personal as you handle these awe-inspiring creatures, feed them, and witness their extraordinary capabilities.

A Bird on the Hand Birds of Prey Experience is the perfect gift for your loved ones, guaranteed to provide an unforgettable adventure. With our exclusive money back guarantee, we promise an experience that will leave them captivated and amazed!

Get a gift voucher now, valid for 12 months, and treat someone to the time of their life.

Why choose Bird on the Hand for your falconry experiences.

Venues in Leicestershire and Bedfordshire

At Barn Owl Hollow, in south Leicestershire and close to the Northamptonshire border,  we have a peaceful, private location with a wonderful view of the Langton Caudle Hills.

Alders Farm in Bedfordshire, between Milton Keynes  and Leighton Buzzard, is a lovely location on the edge of Stockgrove Park alongside some beautiful lakes. We hold our fanttastic  Meet The Owls and Meet The Birds mixed bird of prey sessions here.

To see more details of our venues Click Here. This opens a new tab. There is also a link in the FAQ menu.


Why Buy a Bird on the Hand Falconry Experience?

  • Small groups of up to six participants (10-15 are not uncommon elsewhere).
  • #3 of 783 things to do in Leicestershire on TripAdvisor.
  • Beautiful locations in the Leicestershire and Bedfordshire countryside.
  • We concentrate on being with the birds, with you handling, flying, & feeding them whilst learning some fascinating facts.
  • Relaxed & informal sessions where we love to chat to you about the birds and encourage lots of questions.
  • Tea & Coffee break to refresh you.

Is it the right gift choice?

Who would like a falconry experience ? Any of the following are a good indicator.

  • They notice wild birds of prey.
  • They watch nature programs.
  • They like being outdoors.
  • They like animals.
  • They are a keen gardener. They love nature.
  • They have a thirst for knowledge
  • They are the adventurous type
  • They feed the garden birds.

And remember, if you get it wrong you can get a refund.

Check Out Our Unique Money Back Guarantee

At Bird on the Hand we want you to be happy with your purchase of a falconry experience and the recipient to have one of the best times of their life so here is our guarantee. 

1. If you made a mistake and a falconry experience day gift doesn't suit the recipient it can be returned within 30 days for a refund.
2. We give you a money back guarantee (Full Refund) the participant will enjoy themselves on the day.
3. Value for Money Guarantee. You don't think it has been value for money? Tell me why not and what you think it is worth and I will refund the difference.
3. If you need to change your booking at the last minute that's no problem, these things happen.
4. No small print (there are some terms) as I have found that the type of person I am dealing with is generally fair and sensible so there is no need for much.
5. If there is anything else, talk to me and we can probably sort it out. Life's too short to get worried about little things
What more can I say. Buy with confidence at Bird on the Hand

What do our customers say?

Dear Andrew, Duncan and Charlotte,
What a fantastic time you gave us yesterday! Thank you so much. Not only was it a delight seeing your amazing birds close up and in action, but it was also so interesting and informative. Clive and Ruth thoroughly enjoyed it, as did Nigel and I, but the icing on the cake was seeing Dad so relaxed and happy. He clearly had a marvellous time and we so appreciated the time and attention you devoted to him to maximise his afternoon’s falconry experience.

We have some superb photos and plan to choose the best and frame it for Dad’s 90th birthday present. I think this highlights how grateful we are for the time with you, and how much Dad benefitted.

Many thanks again, you all do a wonderful job, and your birds are truly awe inspiring.

Helen Reid


We booked a private session for my mother's 85th birthday and it was the most amazing experience. Andrew and Charlotte could not have been more attentive, they tailored the session to my parent's abilities and were so caring, thoughtful and attentive. They are also extremely knowledgeable explaining so much about the birds. A fabulous afternoon not to be forgotten.

Rachel Lines

A Bird on the Hand 3 hour Bird of Prey Experience Day

Discover the unparalleled joy of a bird of prey experience day with Bird on the Hand. Immerse yourself in an intimate encounter with majestic birds of prey, where you can truly connect with these incredible creatures.

With our expert handlers, you’ll have the opportunity to handle, feed, and fly several species of falcon, hawks, owls, and kites. This exclusive experience offers a perfect blend of education and fun, making it suitable for individuals of all ages. And with our money back satisfaction guarantee, you can gift this extraordinary adventure with complete confidence.

Book now and create unforgettable memories with Bird on the Hand’s bird of prey experience day.

Couple with Siberian eagle owl on a bird of prey experience day

Falconry Adventure Full Day Bird of Prey Experience

This action-packed full bird of prey experience day is sure to inspire and amaze any bird of prey experience day enthusiast. Spend the morning learning the techniques of calling the bird to your glove and meeting our team of birds with opportunities for flying, handling and photos.

Lunch is provided, served in our beautiful countryside location. After lunch it’s more birds! Enjoy flying and meeting our variety of hawks, buzzards, falcons and red kite. Get up close and personal with a feeding experience on the glove and watch our kite soar above your heads for an unforgettable day out.

All of our bird of prey experience days are covered by out money back satisfaction guarantee, so you can buy with confidence

Darwin the Great Grey owl on womans fist

Owl on the Hand Experience

With small groups of up to six participants throughout your experience we’ll concentrate on being with the Owls. With plenty of opportunities for handling, flying and feeding and finding out all those special fascinating facts. We love our guests to ask lots of questions and delve into the combined 50+ years of falconry experience to answer them.

A Owl on the Hand  Gift Voucher (valid 12 months) is something you can be confident will be a great gift. An owl handling experience day, what more could anyone want?

Bird of Prey Experience Day at it’s best – The Most special gift for any lover of birds

I have always dreamed of having a falconry experience and my dream came true as I was gifted a full bird of prey experience day for my 50th Birthday.

The groups for the experience are limited to 6people to handle the birds with the opportunity of having a guest to stand close by (for a small fee) to take any photographs and video of the event. Due to the small size of the groups then we could hold each bird at least 3 times. We flew owls of various sizes from either post to glove or glove to glove and various different raptors. I will not go into details as I do not wish to spoil the surprise.

Both Andrew and his Son Duncan provided expert knowledge of each of the birds and welcomed any questions that you may have. The location is perfect for falconry with plenty of green fields. In fact you will see wild raptors in the air high above the site! The variety of different raptors available means that another visit will be on the cards to experience the other birds.

A very special up-close and personal bird of prey experience day which will be imprinted as a memory.


Well run informative and great fun.

I purchased a bird of prey experience day for child (+supervisor) experience for my grandson as a tenth birthday present, and I don’t think I could have made a better choice.

The price to start with at £75 plus £9.50 for the gift voucher pack seemed reasonable especially when you read the reviews on TA. The voucher pack when it arrived was an excellent gift to give to my grandson on his birthday, a very good looking voucher and a smart looking miniature glove with bell and jess in a god quality presentation box seemed good value for the money.

On the day we attended two children along with three adults were flying the birds and with such a small group it gave each person a chance to fly each bird twice. The knowledge Andrew our host was excellent and the interaction with the people flying the birds, both adult and child was very very good.

I was still not sure that after a full half day flying owls and raptors if the barn owl was due to fly, but as my grandson had mentioned a few times that barn owls were his favourite bird a barn owl arrived for the last flight. Fantastic. On the return journey home my grandson confided that it was one of his best days ever, what more can you ask for a birthday present. Brilliant experience for young and old.

June 2021

Man oh a bird of prey experience day holding two Harris hawks

Harris's Hawks on a bird of prey experience day.

Raptor Ramblings

The Harris’s hawk (Parabuteo unicinctus)

Firdt of all, Most people call this a Harris Hawk which is incorrect as it was named after the discoverer’s friend called Harris . Is just that Harris’s Hawk is a bit of a mouthful and most people abbreviate it.
This is a medium-large bird of prey found in  South and Central America and SouthWest USA. They are permanent residents and do not migrate. They live in sparse woodland, semi-desert, savannah, and shrubland.

Harris’s hawks are social birds and live in groups. These groups have a dominance hierarchy, wherein the mature female is the dominant bird, followed by the adult male and then the young of previous years. Not only do birds cooperate in hunting, but they also assist in the nesting process.

Harris’s hawks hunt by day in cooperative groups of 2 to 6. This is believed to be an adaptation to the lack of prey in the desert climate in which they live. These birds use several hunting techniques; in one technique a small group flies ahead and scouts, then another group member flies ahead and scouts and this continues until the prey is bagged and shared. In another hunting technique, all the group members spread around the prey and one bird flushes it out.

Discover the awe-inspiring Harris hawk, a majestic bird of prey known for its agile flight and remarkable hunting abilities. In nature, the Harris hawk is a highly social creature, often found in family groups and displaying cooperative hunting behaviors. This beautiful raptor is renowned for its intelligence and versatility, making it a valuable asset in the ancient art of falconry.

Used for centuries in this noble sport, the Harris hawk’s exceptional agility and keen eyesight make it an ideal hunting companion. Experience the thrill of falconry and witness the grace and power of the Harris hawk up close and personal during our unforgettable Bird of Prey Experience Day. Immerse yourself in the world of these magnificent creatures and create lasting memories with Bird on the Hand’s unparalleled bird of prey experience day. Book now and embark on a journey that will leave you captivated and amazed.

The Harris hawk is a popular bird of prey used in falconry and bird of prey experience days. It is the only raptor known to hunt in organized groups. Harris hawks are quick learners and easier to train than other birds of prey. The male hawks are a good ‘starter’ size, not too intimidating and very enjoyable to watch in action. The larger females, in contrast, have a great presence, which makes them good huntresses for the keen or more experienced game hawker.

Harris hawks can live for around 25 to 30 years in captivity but, in the wild, 10 or 11 years might be more likely. Their prey is mostly small mammals (such as rabbits and squirrels) but they’ll also take reptiles and other birds.

Our bird of prey experience day give lots of handling and up close time with the birds.

With small groups of up to six participants throughout your experience we’ll concentrate on being with the birds. With plenty of opportunities for handling, flying and feeding and finding out all those special fascinating facts.

We love our guests to ask lots of questions and delve into the combined 50+ years of falconry experience to answer them. We have a great location here in the Leicestershire countryside, marvellous birds and a generous welcome.

Experience the Sport of Kings and the romantic association that has been held for centuries between mankind and birds of prey. A Bird on the Hand Gift Voucher (most are valid 12 months) is something you can be confident will be a great gift. A birds of prey experience day, what more could anyone want?

Birds of prey experience days gift vouchers can be personalised with your own greeting. They come in a lustrous gold wallet envelope with details and instructions for the experience. There is an option of a Deluxe pack where the voucher comes in dark green presentation box with all the details plus a miniature hand made leather falconers gauntlet as a key fob with a falcon’s bell attached. It is completed with a gold bow for the box.

The recipient can book a date to suit when they are ready and they can also upgrade to an alternative birds of prey experience day by paying the difference in price.


Bird of Prey Experience Day Gift Vouchers

A Bird on the Hand Gift Voucher, valid 12 months, is fantastic gift for all bird, animal and nature lovers.

Bird of prey experience day gift vouchers are personalised with your greeting. Delivered in a gold envelope or Deluxe presentation box plus plus a miniature hand made leather falconers gauntlet and bell as a key fob.

The recipient can book a date to suit or you can call prior to purchase to check dates.