Bird of Prey Experience Day – Your Gift Problem Solved.

Bird of Prey Experience Day, Up Close Personal Encounters with amazing birds of prey that will delight and amaze your special person. I guarantee they will have a great time. My customer comments say it all.

My bird of prey experience day give lots of handling and up close time with the birds.

I have small groups of up to six participants (20-30 are not uncommon elsewhere). I concentrate on being with the birds. With you doing the handling, flying and feeding and finding out all those special fascinating facts. I like lots of questions and delve into my 45 years of falconry experience to answer them. I have a great location here in the countryside, marvellous birds and a generous welcome.

This is a Bird of Prey Experience Day That Won't Disappoint
This is A Gift As Special As They Are.

Harris hawks, Dolly and Biggles, on a visitor's fist during a bird of prey experience day.
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Bird of Prey Experience Day Gift Vouchers

Experience the Sport of Kings and the romantic association that has been held for centuries between mankind and birds of prey. A Bird on the Hand Gift Voucher (most are valid 12 months) is something you can be confident will be a great gift. A birds of prey experience day, what more could anyone want?

Birds of prey experience days gift vouchers can be personalised with your own greeting. They come in a lustrous gold wallet envelope with details and instructions for the experience. There is an option of a Deluxe pack where the voucher comes in dark green presentation box with all the details plus a miniature hand made leather falconers gauntlet as a key fob with a falcon's bell attached. It is completed with a gold bow for the box.

The recipient can book a date to suit when they are ready and they can also upgrade to an alternative birds of prey experience day by paying the difference in price.

Select from a range of great birds of prey experience days in our online store.