Boris the dog

Boris Dog – Someone made me pose for this photo!

Sorry Boris Dog we know you can chase a rabbit too.

Boris dog the worker

Walt being a proper dog.
Walt is supposed to be a housie dog when he is at home with Duncan (the boss’s son) and his girlfriend.

Walt Muck Labradoodle

Boris Dog here OR Uncle Boris this weekend. So humiliating! During visits from a young whippersnapper labradoodle (Hmff!) I become Uncle Boris!

Young Walt, not a proper dog and no relation I may add, is only interested in chasing balls and rolling on his back getting his tummy rubbed. I try to set a good example. Huntin’ and diggin’s what proper dogs are about, I tell ‘im! Makes no never mind.

Not that I can do much huntin’ these days, hips getting a bit wobbly. Still do the diggin’ tho. Huntin’s left to the dreams.

Ah them were the days .. .

P.S. Found a dead sheep in the bottom corner of the field this Christmas time. Kept me busy for about three weeks until the boss found it. Sheep was good but kept getting hosed down. What was that about!? Sheep wasn’t what I asked Santa for but it was a good second best.

Got to go, got a hole to dig.
Boris Dog.

As for below. Boris Dog still claims there was a rabbit down that hole!

very mucky boris dog 2 mucky boris dog


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