Care Home Visits With Owls

Brighten up your residents day with a visit from our Birds of Prey with opportunities for an unforgettable hands on experience.

Care Home visits with owls or birds of prey. Bingo our vermiculated eagle owl meets a happy lady resident. and brings a sparkle to her eyes

Treat your residents to a close up experience with our team of Birds of Prey. Bringing wildlife indoors for your residents to try something completely different. With options of holding a bird, watch them fly overhead in your indoor or outdoor spaces and try having a go themselves. We can tailor each session to suit you and your residents and their needs. Our experiences are fully accessible, with flying and handling don’t from sitting or standing. Our falconers will be there for residents to ask questions and chat about the birds, we often find that residents share stories about personal experience with wild birds of prey and are delighted to have on in their living room!

Our birds have been trained and are suitable for these environments and sessions can be tailored to be as accessible as needed. Groups up to around thirty can have hands on handling experience with the birds with them sitting or flying to the glove, Larger groups can watch birds fly in their common spaces in a seminar style with opportunities to ask lots of questions, you let us know what you’d like.

During care home visits with owls An old man in glasses is smiling holding Elvis our Eurasian Eagle Owl

Our care home visits with owls:

All of the following are examples of what we can do but bear in mind we are happy to discuss any requirement you may have.

  • An indoor group where we can inform the residents about the many fascinating facts about owls and birds of prey while allowing each of them an up close or on the hand chance to stroke and inspect the owl. Your staff can take photos to sustain the memories. We can work this with up to about 40 residents but a smaller number gives each person more time.
  • Split session: like the previous description but splitting, say, a two hour session into three and have smaller groups of residents in each section.
  • For more active residents we can create a more intensive session involving flying the birds and telling them the fascinating facts and social history surrounding mans interaction with birds of prey Carried out indoors or out depending on locations and weather, and generally involving the participants at a much more involved level.
  • If your location has the space we can do a mini falconry display to an audience and get the residents involved with handling for up close “petting” or flying to the fist.
  • Individual visits to satisfy someone’s “Bucket List” or a sequence of visits to individual rooms for residents that require it.
  • We can also bring more birds and an additional falconer to work with multiple residents at the same time thus increasing the time each resident might have with the birds and creating more variation on the visit.
  • Visit us and see all of our avian collection. See the birds fly free and interact with them in our woodland settings. An amazing trip out for groups up twelve in number.

All of the above can be mixed so treat them as guidance. If you have other ideas about care home visits with owls please call and we can work out the best solution for you.

Care Home Visits With Owls Pricing:

The first hour on site is charged at £175 and subsequent hours at £125. If you have multiple blocks we allow ten minutes or so between each session. It is sometimes necessary to have two falconers on site due to the number of sessions, number participating or other requirements. There is an additional charge of £100 if this is needed.

Travel is charged at 60p per mile.

Contact us today to arrange a visit. Call Duncan on 07868 243490 or see our full contact details here

What Our Customers Say:

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Hi Andrew! 😊

 Thankyou for todays visit. Everybody loved the birds, thank you so much for your time and I’m sure the home will definitely want to use your services in future.

Oat Hill Mews Care Home

Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic experience we had today, Our residents have said how amazing it was meeting Bingo, Elvis and Fudge today.
Charlotte was brilliant and we all learnt some interesting facts about the birds. We would definitely love to have you all back here again!

We have loved it so thankyou, thank you thankyou.

Laura & Sue

Activity coordinators, Amberwood Care Home, Leicester