Beware The Myth of The Cheap Falconry Experience

Half Day Falconry 75% Discount!  Only £19!  RRP £75!

Yes This Is To Good To Be True!

And that is why at Bird on the Hand we don’t pretend we can give you a deal like this.

Seen anything like this on offer and been tempted?

I admit some of them can be good value but if you are looking for that special gift it is not just value that matters. A box of chocolates containing 4 sweets for 50p might be good value but is it the sort of quality gift that you were looking for?

So are they actually providing a £75 experience at £19?  To provide an experience at those prices has to mean it is a bigger group. Check out Tripadvisor reviews for the venue and you will get a better idea of what you are getting. It generally reveals the group sizes are between 20 and 30 participants.

If you are looking for a gift to be enjoyed and remembered – be careful as you know what they say –

If it looks too good to be true……. It usually is.