Children’s Falconry Experience

A falconry experience day to fly, handle, feed and get up close to our owls, falcons, hawks, buzzards and eagles. Chidlren’s falconry experiences are reccomended for 7 years and over.

Children's falconry experience - A young Boy holding Elvis the an Eurasian eagle owl (Bubo bubo) at Bird on the Hand falconry experience days

Get those kids involved in a children’s falconry experience.

In today’s digital age, children are missing out on valuable interaction with nature. As technology continues to dominate their lives, the wonders of the natural world are becoming increasingly distant.

At Bird on the Hand, we understand the importance of reconnecting children with the beauty and serenity of nature. Our bird of prey experiences near London offer a captivating opportunity for children to witness the remarkable bond between man and bird, and to truly appreciate the power and grace of these majestic creatures.

Join us and give your children a priceless gift – the chance to create lasting memories and foster a deep appreciation for the natural world.

When purchasing Chidlren’s Falconry Experiences you get a free spectator to come and supervise, watch and capture those special moments. A spectator does not take part in the handling/flying of the birds but this can be upgraded with extra cost to a full experience voucher when purchasing.

Venues in Leicestershire and Bedfordshire

At Barn Owl Hollow, in south Leicestershire and close to the Northamptonshire border,  we have a peaceful, private location with a wonderful view of the Langton Caudle Hills.

Alders Farm in Bedfordshire, between Milton Keynes  and Leighton Buzzard, is a lovely location on the edge of Stockgrove Park alongside some beautiful lakes. We hold our fanttastic  Meet The Owls and Meet The Birds mixed bird of prey sessions here.

To see more details of our venues Click Here. This opens a new tab. There is also a link in the FAQ menu.


Best day of the Summer holidays for my 6 year old ☺️

My six year old got this as a birthday present from his classmates. He LOVED it! Said it was the best day of the Summer holidays.

Charlotte and Andrew were fantastic- so passionate and informative, in an entertaining and easily digestible way….and the birds they have are very varied and special- lovely to see them flying, landing on our arms and hats!

Great to be able to get up close. My son especially enjoyed the eagle owl and the red kite. We will definitely come back. Thank you!


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Children's falconry experience day. Boy holding Dotty our African spotted eagle owl (Bubo Africanus)

Smiles all round on a children's falconry experience day.

Children's falconry experience - A young Boy holding Dotty the an African eagle owl (Bubo Africanis) at Bird on the Hand falconry experience days

Our children’s falconry experience day give lots of handling and up close time with the birds.

With small groups of up to six participants throughout your experience we’ll concentrate on being with the birds. With plenty of oppitunities for handling, flying and feeding and finding out all those special fascinating facts. We love our guests to ask lots of questions and delve into the combined 50+ years of falconry experience to answer them. We have a great location here in the Leicestershire countryside, marvellous birds and a generous welcome.

Experience the Sport of Kings and the romantic association that has been held for centuries between mankind and birds of prey. A Bird on the Hand Gift Voucher (most are valid 12 months) is something you can be confident will be a great gift. A birds of prey experience day, what more could anyone want?

Children’s falconry experience days gift vouchers can be personalised with your own greeting. They come in a lustrous gold wallet envelope with details and instructions for the experience. There is an option of a Deluxe pack where the voucher comes in dark green presentation box with all the details plus a miniature hand made leather falconers gauntlet as a key fob with a falcon’s bell attached. It is completed with a gold bow for the box.

The recipient can book a date to suit when they are ready and they can also upgrade to an alternative birds of prey experience day by paying the difference in price.


Children’s Falconry Experience Day Gift Vouchers

A Bird on the Hand Gift Voucher, valid 12 months, is fantastic gift for all bird, animal and nature lovers.

Children’s falconry experience day gift vouchers are personalised with your greeting. Delivered in a gold envelope or Deluxe presentation box plus plus a miniature hand made leather falconers gauntlet and bell as a key fob.

The recipient can book a date to suit or you can call prior to purchase to check dates.