Corona Virus – What You Need To Know

Out Of Lockdown Timetable

From 12th April we are able to run sessions, businesses are opening including zoos. Indoor operations are not allowed but that doesn’t affect us. Travel to venues is allowed. Our sessions are hosted in small socially distanced groups.

We are still taking bookings, selling vouchers and will be running sessions from 12th April.

New rule of six for social gatherings (friends and family) there is an exemption for when “a gathering takes place outdoors (whether or not in a public outdoor space)” for the purpose of “a physical activity which is carried on outdoors”, where a licence, permit or certificate is held by the organiser. We are covered by this. Animal Activity Licence for interaction with the public.

However if we thought our precautions were insufficient we would make our own decision to cease or reduce numbers.

What if corona virus prevents you taking your experience within the 12 months valid period?

Basically we will be happy to ignore the expiry date and get you booked and having fun as soon as possible so don’t worry about that if you have a voucher or need a gift anytime soon.

Given the vaccine rollout we hope things are going to get back to “normal” and would like all of the older vouchers to be used by November 31st 2021 so please do try and get booked before that date.

If you already have a voucher, the same applies.

Hopefully things won’t get too bad but if corona virus still causes problems, we won’t.

We won’t make a drama out of a crises (did I just make that up or have I heard it somewhere before :)).

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