Eagle Flying Experience

Come meet, fly and learn about our largest birds of prey! With impressive wingspans of over 6 feet, are you strong enough to catch an eagle on the glove?

Sreppe eagle (Aquila nipalensis) Olga on the fist on an eagle flying experience at Bird on the Hand Dorte

Come and spend a day with our largest birds of prey! An eagle flying experience plus all our other large raptors.

The Eagle Flying Experience is a full day meeting, flying and learning about our birds with the largest wingspans.

This hands on day takes place out in beautiful countryside with the morning being spent getting to know the birds and get some hands on falconry experiences. Your opportunity to be up close feeding and handling and flying some of our favourite stars. We will work with our most popular birds while working up in size to get you able to handle the biggest birds before the day is out.

After a hearty lunch we will fly some larger birds, which may include Olga our Russian steppe eagle, Priscilla a Siberian eagle owl, Scarlet the red kite and others. This is a chance to get up close to some very large and powerful birds of prey.

Minimum age for this experience is 16.

All birds of prey experience days covered by our money back satisfaction guarantee so you can give this gift in complete confidence.


Joy – pure and simple!

Best day out! I bought a full eagle flying experience for my hubby, and booked myself on as a spectator. If you are on the fence about whether or not this will be worth it- I can without hesitation say yes- yes it is so very worth it! So book yourself in, you will not regret it!!

There are few things in the world that allow adults to have the joy and wonder of children at Christmas- but this day out was one of them. Every picture, every video I took on the day- there are nothing but grins on everyone’s faces.

I loved that the grouping sizes were kept small – there were 7 of us on the day- this meant that everyone had ample time and opportunity to spend with each of these incredible raptors. We all had chance to ask questions, take as many photo’s as we wanted and for the participants- they all got to handle/ fly each of the raptors.

Lunch was delicious, spent outside watching Scarlett the red kite fly around.

Andrew is a fountain of knowledge, and his joy, passion and love for these birds is so apparent- you leave knowing so much more than when you arrived (without it feeling like some school lecture!)

As a spectator, I was made to feel included and very welcome at all times- highly worth it!

Thank you so much Andrew, for such a special day- the beauty of experiences with wildlife is that we can come again and again, and have unique experiences and interactions each time. We will be back – the photography day is definitely calling out 🙂


OLga the Steppe eagle at Bird on the Hand during an eagle flying experience. The man who is holding her looks very wary.

Have you got what it takes for our eagle flying experience? Olga is big and a bit scary and while we caught this moment on camera, I think everyone has that little moment of “EEK” when Olga lands on their fist.

Priscilla the Siberian eagle owl on our eagle flying experience

Priscilla our Siberian eagle owl is nearly as big but always appears more friendly. Actually she is just as powerful. But she is not quite such a bully as Olga.

Come and experience the awe-inspiring Eagle Flying Experience at Bird on the Hand! Get up close and personal with our majestic birds of prey, including Olga the Russian steppe eagle, Priscilla the Siberian eagle owl, and Scarlet the red kite. Spend a full day in the beautiful countryside, learning about these magnificent creatures and even flying them yourself. With wingspans of over 6 feet, can you handle the power and grace of these incredible birds? Book now for a truly unforgettable adventure on our Eagle Flying Experience.

Tawny eagle on the glove.

Raptor Ramblings – The Steppe Eagle

The Steppe eagle (Aquila nipalensis) is a large bird of prey that belongs to the family Accipitridae. It is also known as the “booted eagle” due to its well-feathered legs. The species is native to Europe, Asia, and Africa and is a migratory bird that breeds in the Palearctic region and winters in Africa and South Asia.

It is a medium to large sized eagle with a wingspan of more than 6 feet with brown  plumage with darker wingtips and a yellow marking behind its black beak. The species is known for its seven individual feathers on the wingtips that look like fingers in flight.

The Steppe eagle feeds on small mammals, birds, reptiles and carrion and it builds its nests on trees or cliffs laying 1-3 eggs each breeding season. Despite recently being classed as the most common eagle the species is now currently classified as endangered by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)

Come and meet Olga, our resident Steppe eagle, on our Big Bird Day, eagle flying experience. 

Bird of Prey Experience Day Gift Vouchers

A Bird on the Hand Gift Voucher for our eagle flying experience, valid 12 months, is fantastic gift for all bird, animal and nature lovers.

Our Eagle Flying Experience day gift vouchers are personalised with your greeting. Delivered in a gold envelope or you can upgrade by purchasing a Deluxe Gift Box box, which includes a miniature hand made leather falconers gauntlet and bell keyring.

The recipient can book a date to suit or you can call prior to purchase to check dates.