Discover the ultimate falconry adventure at Bird on the Hand. Immerse yourself in the royal tradition of falconry with our premier experience, The Falconer’s Apprentice.

Join a small group of four apprentices and spectators for a day filled with fun, challenges, and fascinating insights into current and historic falconry. Learn the art of handling and flying our magnificent birds, from collecting hawks and falcons to flying them to lures. Take turns acting as both falconer and visitor, experiencing the thrill of being in control.

Your gold star day starts with a warm welcome and a tot of our homemade sloe gin. Delight in a delicious breakfast of bacon rolls, fresh tea or coffee, and pastries to energize you for the day ahead. Throughout the experience, you’ll also enjoy a three-course, 5-star falconer’s lunch and a glass of wine.

Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey? Book your spot now and unleash your inner falconer at Bird on the Hand.

The Falconer’s Apprentice is a special event with numbers restricted to four apprentices and four spectators.

Are you ready for a day that is going to be full of fun and challenges. You will learn the techniques need to pick up your raptor and tie it safely to your glove and progress into the falconry training methods of manning and carriage (I said it was going to be a challenge). There will be lure swinging, knot tying and food preparation. You will learn the art of “trading off” and on top of these practical skills (that you will not use on a daily basis when you get home) we will be telling you lots of falconry related things that are already part of daily life. I suspect that a lot of that is not within your current knowledge but it will be by the end of the day.

You will get some respite from your work when we break for a three course, 5 star, falconers lunch and glass of wine. Guaranteed to leave you more than satisfied.

(this is going to include a glass of wine, starter , game casserole, serious chunky fruit cake and cheese and biscuits)

Are You ready for the challenge?

Max four participants plus one spectator per participant

£349 participant

£75 spectator

  1. (10am) Introduction with bacon rolls, tea, coffee and pastries. Proper pots, cafetiere, cups plates. Chat about falconry history, hunting traditions etc. Links to Shakespeare old trapping methods.
    30 minutes
  2. (10:30) Introduction to equipment. Jesses, anklets, swivel, leash glove and perches. Teach the falconers knot. Tying to glove and perch in prep for picking up a bird. Tea coffee still available for the ones who learn fast 🙂
    20 minutes
  3. (10:50)Picking up a bird. Safety position etc. Take for a walk with explanation of training method and the purpose of carriage and old method of watching/waking. Add in the Shakespeare ref to that which is all about ….
    40 minutes
  4. (11:30) Hawk walk (they fly, you walk) with 2 Harris hawks round field and through poplars.
    60 minutes
  5. (12:30)The rest of the equipment – Modern and old. Hoods, old type jesses and leather leash, Hawking bag as opposed to waistcoat. Bell/ telemetry. Lures, kites, drones, bullx,
    30 minutes
  6. (1pm) Lunch
  7. (2:15) The lure challenge. Lure swinging practice. The out swing knocking cans off a trestle. Instruction on the pole lure.
    20 minutes
  8. (2:35 Assisted falcon flying to the lure
    20 minutes
  9. (2:55) Winding up the lure line on the lure stick Challenge
    10 minutes
  10. (3:05) Bull-x Gerda and and Maggie. Apprentices to set up and prepare lures and have practice at running the Bull-x. Fly birds from apprentices fist and get apprentices to do the pick up.
    40 minutes
  11. (3:45) Flying Elvis. Prepare food, apprentices have tidbits. Visitor to pick up Elvis and weigh. Pass to another apprentice to remove leash and swivel and carry to wood. Apprentices take turns being falconer and guest for flying Elvis. 3rd apprentice calls Elvis over heads. 4th apprentice call Elvis through legs and replaces swivel and leash, carries back and put on bow perch, hopefully Elvis will let go.
    45 minutes
  12. (4:30) Introduction to Olga or falcon feeding