You can check our calendar for upcoming sessions. Either book yourself on with your voucher details or let me know which date you’d like and I’ll book it.

Checking the calendar:
You can check the currently scheduled events on the calendar and book online. The first pages will show current availability and if there are no sessions dates that match your voucher use the “Week” view to see potentially available dates that are still showing as free. We are always able to add dates so if you see empty dates it is likely we can add an event.

We do need time for events to fill so requesting an empty date that is only a few weeks away might not be possible. Feel free to email and suggest specific dates.

Please make sure you select an event that matches your voucher. If you click on an event it will let you enter details but it can only tell you it is fully booked when you save it based on the number of participants you are adding. If having found a date and you have trouble booking you can email and we can complete things for you. We need the date and a relevant email and phone number(mobile preferred)

Important Information

All sessions require a minimum number of attendees to go ahead. This is rarely a problem and we will advise you a couple of weeks before your date if there may be a problem.

All sessions are weather dependent and may be rescheduled if the weather is unsuitable to fly the birds.

If you are booking overnight accommodation you should consider the cancellation terms.  If the weather forecast is looking unfavorable please get in touch to discuss if you think you may need to cancell your accommodation.

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