Register your Bird on the Hand Falconry Experience Voucher


Registration Scheme Abandoned

Sorry but I thought this would be helpful to voucher holders but a number of things have caused me to give up with the registration scheme. Obviously the experiences continue as before.

Only a small number have registered although I would have tried to improve this by a reminder to the purchaser.

The main problem is the amount of registrations, about one third, that have errors. Incorrect voucher numbers and invalid emails (then there will be some incorrect emails that I cannot detect). All these things need corrected and it proved too time consuming on my part. I spent an hour dealing with the first twenty by the time they were imported, errors reported, tracked down and fixed.

I admit defeat. I should have seen this coming. I used to be involved with software design and one of the key things was getting good quality data entry so I am all to aware of the "Garbage in Garbage out" scenario.

All the best, Andrew