Schools and Education


Bring your learning to life at your school with a visit from our birds of prey and experts. Having wildlife in your classroom for an unforgettable, hands on experience to supplement your curriculum.

Children being introduced to Elvis our Eurasian eagle owl during a school visit on birds of prey

Learning Sessions

Have our birds of prey and experts visit your school/education setting to teach your young people all about Raptors! Our sessions can be tailored to your curriculum such as food chains, adaptations, conservation, history and many more. These sessions are appropriate for all ages as we modify each presentation to suit each year group, we like to make sure that everyone can engage and learn about these beautiful birds.

Sessions can also be tailored to the level of engagement you would like your young people to have. From hands on, flying to the glove to a sit back and ask questions seminar style you can choose which style of learning. If you choose the option of flying, we may need an extra falconer onsite to help, so this would incur an extra charge.


We find that a forty minutes to one hour session works well. We can present to around sixty children but one class of less than 30 is much better and can be much more interactive.


The first hour on site is charged at £145 and subsequent hours at £125. If you have multiple blocks we allow fifteen minutes or so between each session. We can do up to five sessions in a day. It is sometimes necessary to have two falconers on site due to the number of sessions, children or other requirements. There is an additional charge of £100 if this is needed.

Travel costs at 60p per mile.

Owl and Hawk Pellets and Feathers

We can supply sterilised pellets for disection. These are mainly owl pellets that are produced after feeding mice, rats or chicks but we will also include some from day old chick feeding and hawk or falcon feeding containing avian remains.

This to show certain differences. Owl pellets contain bones. Day old chick bones are not fully calcified and some are digested. Hawks and falcons digest most bones and the pellets consist of just the fur or feathers.

What is included in 1 pack

– 10 Owls Pellets

-2/3 Falcon/Hawk/Eagle Pellets

– 1 Owl Feather

– 1 Falcon/hawk/buzzard Feather

£15 per pack if supplied with a visit otherwise £25 including postage.