Terms and Conditions and Money Back Guarantee

All you can do is choose something that you feel will be enjoyed and I will do my best to give my usual great experiences. For those who like a bit of security, here is my money back guarantee:


1. If you find you have made a mistake and a falconry day present doesn’t suit the recipient it can be returned within 30 days for a refund.
2. I also give you a money back guarantee the participant will enjoy themself on the day.
3. Value for Money Guarantee. If, having done the experience, you don’t think it has been value for money, speak to me and tell me why not and what you think it is worth and I will refund the difference. If I think you are being silly I may ask you to put it in writing within 7 days but I will issue the refund when this is received. Refunds are the difference between your value for money figure and the cost of the experience excluding postage and gift packaging charges. 

3. No small print (there are some terms) as I have found that the type of person I am dealing with is generally fair and sensible so there is no need for much.
4. If you need to change your booking at the last minute that’s no problem, these things happen.
5. If there is anything else, talk to me and we can probably sort it out. Life’s too short to get worried about little things.
6. There is one line in the sand – If you just don’t turn up there is a re-booking fee of 50% of current pricing.

Bird on the Hand experiences Terms And Conditions

Bird on the Hand will Supply all the necessary Falconry Equipment but please dress for the British weather – Wellington / walking boots and suitable outdoor clothing.
1) Payment
Full payment of the course fee is payable on booking. Payment for one type of course may be transferred to another subject to paying any additional fee due.
2) Gift Vouchers
Participants using gift vouchers must produce their voucher on arrival. The voucher will be invalid if it has not been paid for in full.
3) Validity Period – IMPORTANT
The experience must be taken prior to the “Valid until” date shown on the voucher. Please ensure you book well in advance to ensure we can fit you in. Any special offers must be used within the valid period which may be shorter than the equivalent full price voucher. If an extension to a special offer voucher is needed this can only be done by paying an additional fee to make it a full price voucher. Special offers should be booked at least six weeks prior to the expiry date. Bookings made after this date are purely taken subject to availability. If there is no availability you will not be able to book.
4) Postponement
To keep you advised of the event status with regards to any possible cancellation of the day due to inclement weather or other circumstances beyond our control Bird on the Hand will update the notification page on our web site http://www.birdonthehand.co.uk/weather.asp. It is your responsibility to check this. If you are unsure or do not have access to the internet please telephone to confirm the event status. If you are travelling any distance you should contact Bird on the Hand the evening prior to your booking and if necessary prior to leaving home. (All days are subject to weather conditions.) If Bird on the Hand cancel we will arrange an alternative date. Where your booked date is less than two months from the valid to date you will be allowed two months to reschedule your experience.
5) Cancellations by voucher holders
Try and give me some notice please. I have removed any cancellation penalties and if every one continues to be fair I can keep it like that.
6) Children
Children under 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian as a paid participant or spectator.
7) Exclusions.
At the total discretion of Bird on the Hand Participants of any age may be excluded or may be asked to leave the experience at any time where the welfare of Staff, Participants or Birds is felt to be at risk.
8) Performance
a) At the discretion of Bird on the Hand the team of birds used on any day can be subject to change
b) You are participating in an experience that involves animals and their performance cannot be guaranteed. While every reasonable effort is made to have the animals and birds perform reasonably we cannot guarantee their performance.
c) Due to the nature of these events Bird on the Hand reserves the right to change the locations and format of the various experiences offered.
d) All Experiences are subject to appropriate weather conditions and may be cancelled at any time if the weather is unsuitable as we cannot compromise the welfare of our birds. See 4)
9) Termination
Bird on the Hand reserves the right to terminate any experience in progress. In such an event Bird on the Hand may at their absolute discretion undertake to repay a proportion of the fee paid or rebook all or part of the event.
10) Refunds
a) Suitability. I am happy to refund the cost of any experience voucher purchased if you find it is not suitable. A refund must be requested within 30 days of purchase and the original voucher returned within that period. I can only refund the value of the voucher. Postage, gift packaging costs and credit/debit card charges or Paypal charges will be subtracted from the refund.
b) Enjoyment. If a participant finds they do not enjoy the experience I am happy to give a refund. All I ask is that I must be made aware of the problem during the experience session and if there is no other resolution to the problem I will arrange for a refund to be made to the original purchaser.
d)Exclusions – Issues arising from the weather or cancellations for any reason are not reasons to request a refund. Nor can I refund if you cannot find a suitable date during the voucher’s valid period.
11) Behaviour.
Use common sense and do as you are asked with regard to handling the birds

Terms as at 21st January 2020. These terms supercede any printed documentation prior to this date.