School Visits

Educational Visits can be made to your premises with a selection of Birds of Prey or you can arrange a visit to us.

During the visit we illustrate the life style and variety of raptor species and the problems they have with the changing ecosystem and man.

Emphasis is placed on the responsibility that comes with keeping pets in general and birds of prey in particular. This may sound rather technical but our presentations are always geared to the age group involved which can be from year one.

We like to get the children to interact in the session and it always helps if some time is spent prior to the visit encouraging them to think of any questions they may want to ask.

Where the situation allows we will fly some of the birds to help the children understand the issues being discussed. We will cover the lifestyle of different types of raptors and discuss conservation. It will also be tied in to any project you want to enhance.

If you come to visit us we have much more to see and more space to fly the birds.

Finally we always like to make it fun for the children.


We find that a forty minutes to one hour session works well and possibly longer for older children.


The first hour on site is charged at £145 and subsequent hours at £125. If you have multiple blocks we allow fifteen minutes or so between each session. We can do up to five sessions in a day. It is sometimes necessary to have two falconers on site due to the number of sessions, children or other requirements. There is an additional charge of £100 if this is needed.

Travel costs at 50p per mile although we can be flexible on shorter journeys if booking more than one block.

Owl and Hawk Pellets and Feathers

We can supply sterilised pellets for dissection. These are mainly owl pellets that are produced after feeding mice or rats but we will also include some from day old chick feeding and hawk or falcon feeding containing avian remains.

This to show certain differences. Owl pellets contain bones. Day old chick bones are not fully calcified and some are digested. Hawks and falcons digest most bones and the pellets consist of just the fur or feathers.

We do these in packs of 10 good owl pellets, mouse or rat, and 10 day old chick. Five various pellets from falcons hawks or eagles. The pack will also include feathers from owl falcon and hawk.

£15 per pack if supplied with a visit otherwise £25 including postage.