The Ultimate Birds of Prey Experience Day!

A birds of prey experience day to fly, handle, feed and get up close to our owls, falcons, hawks, buzzards and eagles.

A Bird on the Hand Birds of Prey Experience is a great gift for your special person and you have my unique money back guarantee they will have a fantastic time. My customer comments say it all.

What makes my birds of prey experience days so special for you?

tick small blue Enjoy being fully hands on with the birds. Experience the feeling of privilege having raptors sit on your glove and trust you.

tick small blue Visitor comments that fill you with confidence.

tick small blue A great relaxing location in the countryside.

tick small blue Small groups of six ( 20 is not uncommon elsewhere ) allow personal attention and you get more time with the birds.

tick small blue Opportunity to feed a falcon on your fist, an experience not to be missed. See and feel the power as it tears at flesh and bone.

tick small blue My 45 years of falconry experience shared with you to make a great day.

tick small blue A wide variety of birds for you to enjoy.

tick small blue Your Unique Money Back Guarantee 

This is a Birds of Prey Experience That Won't Disappoint
This Is A Gift As Special As They Are.

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Little Pod the Burrowing Owl



“Close and wonderful encounters with beautiful birds"

We are a family of four adults and had a wonderful few hours with Andrew and his birds. This is a great place to see and handle some lovely birds in a great setting.
There was no hype or busyness that can sometimes be part of any tourist attraction - this was a lovely gentle afternoon where we got to handle some amazing birds - eagle owls, burrowing owl, peregrine falcon and a Harris Hawk.
The highlight for us was this mischievous little burrowing owl, Pod, who stole our hearts with his antics - would recommend this wonderful experience to anyone interested in birds - fabulous day and the birds look well cared for.
Thanks, Andrew.

A Bird on the Hand .

A fantastic gift! Three hours of joy!

Harris hawks on visitors fist on a falconry experience day at Bird on the Hand

Packed half day hands on birds of prey experience days that are both fun and educational. Your session will be spent seeing, handling, feeding & flying many types of bird, which include several species of Falcon, Hawks, Owls and Eagle.

This is without question a great introductory experience for young and old alike giving a full hands on and flying experience with the birds..

All birds of prey experience days covered by our money back satisfaction guarantee so you can give this gift in complete confidence.

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A Falconry Adventure.

Our Most Popular Experience!

girl with owl wlvis

This full action packed day takes place out in the countryside with the morning being spent getting to know the birds. Your opportunity to be up close feeding handling and flying some of our favourite stars.

The afternoon is spent out on the farm.  In summer we usually fly an eagle or European Eagle Owl and then we are out into the countryside for a walk with a team of Harris hawks who show there natural capabilities while popping down to you for the occasional titbit. In winter we are out with the Harris Hawk hunting team plus dog and ferrets.

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An Owl on the Hand

They are Cute, Fascinating and Amazing. A fantastic memorable experience with our owls.

owl dotty hawley med

Actually lots of owls on the hand! A superb and unique experience for all owl fans! Get an "Owl on the Hand" experience and fly a variety of fantastic owls from the smallest to the largest. Owls are the most mysterious group of birds, they stir amazing passion in owl lovers and admirers.

See them fly and feed and handle them. Learn all the fascinating facts about this enigmatic group of raptors. A three hour unmissable experience for all owl enthusiasts.

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Harris hawks on visitors fist on a falconry experience day at Bird on the Hand There is a variety of different birds of prey experience to choose from. They all come as a gift voucher valid for up to 12 months. Choose from a half day "Bird on the Hand" session, our most popular event or the full day "Falconry Adventure" which includes a hearty lunch or our "All Owls" for the owl lovers or many others. They all come with my unique 100% money back guarantee.

If you are buying this as a gift the last thing you want is for someone to be disappointed and I take very seriously my responsibility in this. That is why I give my unique money back guarantee they will have a great time. My customer comments say it all. Click Here To View

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